Changes at the “Shed’.

The shed elected to change it’s name in 2021 to the “Sorell Men’s Shed Inc.” as we have moved away from restoring old historical machinery owing to a lack of dedicated space.

As the Sorell council moves forward with the “Arts precinct” and the restoration of the Original Bellerive-Sorell Railway carriage shed space which housed the early rolling stock used on the line will become an exibition centre for the community. 

A further move has seen the shed opening up one day a week on Mondays to allow ladies from our community the ability to share the use of the shed tools and equipment, much of which has been provided from various Federal and State government community grants programs.

The ladies in the community have welcomed the move and are appreciative of being able to use the tools and the space for project building that our shed provides. They are learning a whole new range of skills to be able to make items for their use around their homes and gardens and how to use the machinery safely as well. 

In April 2024 an external dust extraction system was installed to the remove the dust and debris from the use of machinery to the outside unit. For those of us with medical conditions affected by the airborne dust this will be a big plus for our shed. The system is working very well and is appreciated by the members.