Attendance at the shed if you are unwell.

We would most respectfully ask our members and visitors to the shed that if you are unwell (coughs, colds, Covid) can you please stay at home until you are better. It does not take much for viruses to spread to others in community settings, sneezing, coughing and touching things others may use are the primary reasons viruses are spread. 

If you are unwell and feeling a bit low it is hard if you are on your own and feeling isolated. Maybe a phone call to family or friends can help lift you from the fug of illness.

Please be mindful, we know you care and love sharing, Buttttttt we don’t want you sharing your bugs, with us, thats too personal 🙂 🙂 :-).

if you are crook, please stay home and get well real soon. Many others will be very thankful for your concern.