June 2024 member Newsletter

Hi to all our members, we trust you are all doing well. We are putting out this newsletter with some items of interest to all our members.

We shall be e-mailing a copy of the newsletter to all members who have a registered e-mail address on their membership record and will also place some copies on the table at the shed.

We regret that some members may miss out on the e-mail, for those who do not have an e-mail address, we will be posting the newsletter on our web page, if you wish to access the newsletter on the website go to www.sorellmensshed.org.au. Making sure you type the address correctly is important.

Our member Ross Petersen is undertaking a charity project for “Shoebox” at the shed. Ross is going to make small wooden cars for inclusion in the “shoe boxes” which we believe are distributed to children at Christmas. If you feel you would like to help with the making of the cars at the shed, you would be most welcome. The picture is only representative for the discussion, not necessarily what Ross has in mind.

This is a very worthwhile effort which the committee fully endorses. every contribution, no matter how small, will make a big difference.

Now a very big ask of all our members. With the onset of the cooler weather, Colds and Flu are making their presence known once more in our communities. We all know how quickly the cold and flu viruses spread through sneezes, coughs and touch. No one appreciates it when someone who is clearly unwell drops in to share their illness with fellow members. For most of us we have access to free immunisations for influenza and covid conditions. They may help you from becoming very ill.

The Shed and your fellow members are asking, that if you are unwell PLEASE in everyone’s best health interests, stay home. there is always another day that you can come to the shed, your fellow members will respect your decision to stay home. If you are on your own and feeling a bit down or isolated, give family members, a shed mate or someone you know in your community a call and touch home base with a friendly voice.

We have only just become aware that Council will be constructing a new fence line separating the carriage shed from the areas leased by the Shed and the Sorell lions Club. apparently access to the carriage shed for the public will be from the council carpark behind the council offices. we are awaiting more information from council as to the siting of the new fence, which may be constructed in the next few weeks. This new fence may well impact on the number of vehicles which currently park in the area. It may mean that members, other than the day supervisor and disability occupant vehicles may have to start parking in the bus carpark. As soon as we know more, we shall update you as best we can. best wishes to all.