Membership at the Shed.

Full membership: is open to men aged 18 years and over. The full membership fee is $60.00 annually.

Associate membership: is open to women 18 years and over and is subject to some conditions. The Associate membership fee is $40.00 annually. 

Members of the community who are confronted by disability who are unable to work independently are also welcome to apply for membership at the shed. There is a requirement of membership, that people who suffer from a physically limiting disability must have a carer who attends the shed to supervise and monitor a community member so afflicted.

Membership fees are subject to annual revision. The membership fee incorporates the insurance charge per member. (The Australian Men’s Shed Association group insurance fee per member for 2023/2024 is $29.00.)

After completion of the “Provisional membership” application form, the applicant is permitted to attend the shed subject to the conditions of membership. A daily attendance fee of $1.00 is payable.

Once membership has been approved, the membership fee becomes payable within 14 days.