Covid-19 Shed Protocol

Subject to the compliance of strict hygiene protocols,

Our shed has been cleaned for opening in accordance with the instructions relating to hygiene requirements.

Subject to the following conditions of entry.

Only 20 (20) members may attend at any one time.

Social distancing will be in force.

Members must have in their possession $1.00 in coin as no change will be given out.

If you have a runny nose, sore throat, temperature, are coughing or sneezing or have any other cold like symptoms you MUST NOT attend the shed.

If in the opinion of the day supervisor, a member appears to have any of the above symptoms, the member will have to leave the shed at the direction of the day supervisor.

Any breaches of attendance at the shed while being unwell, will force the shed to close.

A condition of being at the shed is that every member will follow the hygiene requirements in place.

All members attending the shed will be given a list of all hygiene requirements in force at the shed as is required of Mens Shed Committees by the Department of Health.

There will be no sharing of cups, plates and crockery at the shed. You are required to bring your own utensils clearly marked with your name.

It is vital that members personally comply with the protocols for the ongoing health and safety of their fellow members.